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Sir Steve Redgrave to launch new face of Olympic news by Jacqueline Alexander
First distributed and published 2010

Sportsbite.com, a new web site providing news and reports from the world of the Olympic sport, is to launch in September 2006.

Co-founded by Sir Steve Redgrave, Jacqueline Alexander and Rachel Quarrell, Sportsbite.com has been developed over the past two years to focus on all the developments in the British Olympic arena as we look towards the London Olympics in 2012.

Regular reports on each of the summer and winter Olympic and Paralympic disciplines include all the major events where the current and future stars are competing in their quest for an Olympic future. Sportsbite.com will be keeping up-to-date with results and reporting on the successes and failures that inevitably take place on the emotional rollercoaster of competitive sport.

In addition to the regular news updates, Sir Steve, with his achievements having taken their place in sporting history, gives his own unique insight into the event that motivated him to continue competing throughout his 20 year career: the Olympic Games.

"Keeping people in the know with what's going on up to the UK's first Olympics for over 60 years is an essential ingredient in creating an environment for excellence," says Sir Steve. "Between the Olympic years, there is no single site that provides all the current news, it seems logical to me that now is time to provide that service."

The official launch, with Lord Sebastian Coe as guest of honour, is to take place in September 2006. During the course of the event, an Olympic shirt from the 1984 Olympics is to be signed by Sir Steve, Lord Coe and Lord Moynihan, who all competed in Los Angeles. The shirt will then be auctioned on the Sportsbite.com web site with all the proceeds going to Steve's charity in aid of children in the UK.

Contact: Jacqueline Alexander
Email: jacqueline@st41.co.uk
Mobile: +44 (0)1491 572712

by Jacqueline Alexander
Copyright 2012

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