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Local campaign goes national by Jacqueline Alexander
First distributed and published 2010

Calls from all over the country are flooding into the Henley Standard newsroom as their Think Local campaign, somewhat ironically, goes national.

Launched at the end of February, BBC Breakfast picked up on the drive to encourage businesses and residents to think locally in order to support trade in the community during these challenging times.

After the BBC report was broadcast on Monday, the newspaper started receiving enquiries from individuals, other newspapers, colleges and businesses all over the UK.

Bill Howat, editor of the Strathaven Echo in Scotland, called to say his paper was going to start its own campaign to help readers beat the credit crunch.

"The Henley Standard campaign is something we aspire to and so we have launched our own. Starting this week, we will launch Thinking Local."

Chris Breese, head of media studies at St Edmund's College in Hertfordshire, said his students would be studying the Standard.

He said: "I get my students to analyse local newspapers, the types of stories covered, how they look and their involvement in the community.

"I saw the Henley Standard and thought it was a great example of a campaigning newspaper."

Further calls from Manchester, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and other parts of the country continue to confirm that the Henley Standard seems to have struck a chord.

Henley Standard - Background Information:

The Henley Standard has been delivering the news to Henley on Thames and South Oxfordshire for over 100 years. Owned by the same family since 1900, the Standard maintains its status as an independent newspaper to this day. Based in Caxton House, the building purchased by Charles Luker in 1919, the Henley Standard prides itself on providing comprehensive, unbiased, accurate, local news coverage from the communities it represents.

Website: www.henleystandard.co.uk
Contact: Jacqueline Alexander
Email: Jacqueline@st41.co.uk
Mobile: +44 (0)1491 572712

by Jacqueline Alexander
Copyright 2012

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