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Column: Single in SOHO
I can't be bothered by Jacqueline Alexander
First published in the Evening Post newspaper

You visualise the journey that lies before you. You make those first painful steps in your mind. You know it will be tough. It will be a journey that tests your endurance and your faith. You must dig deep into your soul to find the grit and determination to realise your destiny. It is a harsh reality but you have to face the truth.

The snooze alarm is going to go off at any moment.

This arduous thought-process would be more understandable if you were about to traverse the north-west face of K2 or row across the Atlantic with only Ben Fogle for company. But if you are simply planning the journey from bedroom to bathroom, then you are suffering from a distinct lack of motivation.

The advertising media bombard us with sunny images of people leaping out of bed to greet their fun-filled day. We can only console ourselves that they are richer/prettier/healthier than ourselves, or maybe they are just plain stupid. One thing is clear, they are not us.

I have to confess, if you are reading this article hoping to discover the secret of eternal optimism in the a.m. department, you are going to be sorely disappointed. There is no easy way out of your bed - you just have to get up. Now! Nike, it turns out, is a profound source of wisdom - just do it!

If this sounds harsh then try putting your day on fast-forward. Imagine how you will feel if you spend the day enveloped in your duvet. Usually, the answer will be warm but guilty, and, if you are anything like me, of all the emotions you hate, guilt is the worst.

Now imagine how you will feel if you finish that job, hit that deadline, make that phone call or simply overcome the desire to be a lazy troglodyte. Usually, the answer is better. You probably won't feel like clicking your heels in glee, but you will feel better, sometimes a little and sometimes a lot, but definitely better.

There is some good news. Overcome your week-day apathy and come Sunday, assuming you don't have young kids or a demanding schedule, the duvet can take the casting vote. The journey from bedroom to bathroom can wait... for you, or, during a particularly indulgent weekend, for Monday. Enjoy!

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by Jacqueline Alexander
Copyright 2012